Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Title Insurance?
A: Title Insurance provides coverage against losses resulting from defects in the title.

Q: Is Title Insurance Mandatory?
A: Most lenders require the purchase of title insurance when a property is financed.

Q: What does Title Insurance protect against?
A: Title Insurance policies protect the owner against defects in title, such as:

  • Outstanding mortgages & liens
  • ¬†Fraudulent deeds
  • Falsification of public records
  • ¬†Recording errors
  • Other hidden defects

Q: How much does Title Insurance cost?
A: The cost of Title Insurance is directly related to the value of the property being insured.

Q: When is Title Insurance paid?
A: Title Insurance is a one-time expense that is usually paid for at the time of closing.

Q: How long does Title Insurance last?
A: Title Insurance provides coverage to the owner as long as they own the prope