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Is It Time To Refinance?

When mortgage interest rates are low, refinancing is very popular. And right now, mortgage rates are at an all-time low, which makes the idea of refinancing tempting for many property owners.  Choosing to refinance your home loan depends on many things —sometimes it can be a smart financial move, and sometimes it just doesn’t make sense right now.... read more →
Sep 07
Aug 25

Homeowners Guide: Mortgage Refinancing Tips

Refinancing your home can be a great decision as interest rates are at historic lows. It potentially could save you money, and who doesn't want more cash in your wallet?  When you refinance your home, you essentially replace your current mortgage with a new loan and new terms. But first, you should answer some important questions. What is it that... read more →
Aug 09

Purchasing a Condo: Do I Need Title Insurance?

What's not to love about luxury high-rise condominiums with impressive waterfront views, walkable areas, and stunning sunsets?  Before purchasing a condo, however, determining whether title insurance is required is a necessity. After all, this safeguards the property even though you don’t own the land.   Title Insurance 101  Title insurance protects your new investment by covering a buyer against potential legal issues associated... read more →
Aug 05
Jul 21

Common Closing Costs

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes when purchasing a new home. Closing costs is one of those things.   Closing costs: you may have heard about them on TV. Closing costs are not one set number based on the purchase price; they can include a variety of fees... read more →
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