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mortgage loan payoff ordering

Payoff Ordering

What Does "Request Payoff" Mean with Regards to a Mortgage Loan?  Buying a home is an exciting adventure, and looking towards the future, homeowners can’t wait until they own their home free and clear of a mortgage. This is where payoff ordering comes in. Essentially, this is a formal request from... read more →
Oct 15
House Key at Closing Is title insurance required

Is Title Insurance Required?

Title insurance is a type of insurance that protects mortgage lenders and homeowners against any claims that question the legal ownership of a home or property. If there is a dispute over title ownership, the title insurance policy covers the legal expenses incurred to resolve the dispute.   Title insurance is designed to protect any party who... read more →
Sep 23
Aug 18
Jul 18

Explaining Escrow

Whether this is your first time buying a house, or you’ve gone through the process multiple times, escrow can be a little confusing. It’s unavoidable when purchasing a home, True Concept Title dives deeper to explain escrow.   Escrow + Home Offers   The time has come! You’ve found the perfect house and you are ready... read more →
Jun 17
couple in front of new home true concept title national agency

Steps in the Title Process

You’re buying a home, congratulations!  All the steps, inspections, and paperwork can feel like an overwhelming process.  We are here to help and walk you through the steps in the title insurance process. Protect the biggest purchase of your life with True Concept Title.  (more…)
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