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Difference Between A Title And A Deed

Deed. Title. What’s the difference?  When it comes to buying and selling, our title company knows these words can be a common source of confusion. While often used interchangeably in real estate, they have two very different meanings.   It is important to know the difference between the title and the deed to avoid unforeseen ownership problems. The experts at... read more →
Dec 22
mortgage disclosure documentation True Concept Title

Types of Disclosure Documents (and Why They Matter)

Mortgage loan originators, do you feel like your interactions with your title companies are an endless game of paper and details - especially at month-end? We believe the loan application process and closing should be easy.   We all know the end of the month closings (settlements) can be a time full of stress. As your borrowers' clamor to close within the last two weeks... read more →
Nov 24
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Nov 18
Oct 21
mortgage loan payoff ordering

Payoff Ordering

What Does "Request Payoff" Mean with Regards to a Mortgage Loan?  Buying a home is an exciting adventure, and looking towards the future, homeowners can’t wait until they own their home free and clear of a mortgage. This is where payoff ordering comes in. Essentially, this is a formal request from... read more →
Oct 15
House Key at Closing Is title insurance required

Is Title Insurance Required?

Title insurance is a type of insurance that protects mortgage lenders and homeowners against any claims that question the legal ownership of a home or property. If there is a dispute over title ownership, the title insurance policy covers the legal expenses incurred to resolve the dispute.   Title insurance is designed to protect any party who... read more →
Sep 23
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